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Study 22
Lack of Weight Gain and Relapse Risk in a Large Tuberculosis Treatment Trial

Study 22
Prognostic Significance of Early Weight Gain in Underweight Patient with Tuberculosis

Study 22
Factors Associated with Loss to Follow-up in a Large Tuberculosis Treatment Trial (TBTC STudy 22)

Study 23
Association between Acquired Rifamycin Resistance and the PK of Rifabutin and Isoniazid among Patients with HIV and Tuberculosis

The Effects of Local Review on Informed Consent Documents from a Multicenter Clinicial Trials Consortium

The Tuberculosis Trials Consortium: A Model for Clinical Trials Collaborations


Study 26PK
Rifapentine Pharmacokinetics and Tolerability in Children and Adults Treated Once Weekly With Rifapentine and Isoniazid for Latent Tuberculosis Infection

Study 29PK RR
Pharmacokinetic interaction of rifapentine and raltegravir in healthy volunteers

Study 24
Intermittent tuberculosis treatment for patients with isoniazid intolerance or drug resistance